Rich Witch, Poor Witch

Peter Bently

Illustrated by Jim Field

Ages 3 to 6
17 September 2020
32 pages


A funny, rhyming tale about friendship, kindness... and witches! From Peter Bently and Jim Field – the illustrator of the bestselling Oi Frog books.

There once were twin witches named Rita and Rose, who each had a wart on the end of her nose...

Twin witches Rita and Rose couldn't be more different. Rose is poor and helps others for free, while Rita is rich and charges clients huge fees. When Princess Anna Lucinda Cecilia Grace is too glum to even smile, Witch Rita is summoned to cheer her up. She conjures up exquisite tiaras, fabulous frocks, delicious treats and even a pet dragon – with no success.

But, as Witch Rose knows, sometimes you don't need an expensive wand to work magic!

A hilarious story about the importance of being kind and making time for others – the perfect book to read together at Halloween, or any time of the year.