The Picador Book of Contemporary Scottish Fiction

Peter Kravitz

07 August 1998
608 pages


‘Usually in diaspora, the intelligence of the Scots is recognized worldwide. These stories show that this capacity is now flourishing at home’ Ross Leckie, The Times

‘There could be not be a more heartening showcase of talent. A showcase, incidentally, that will remind those in need of it that in the past few decades Scottish fiction has been creating some of the most powerful, vibrant writing to be found anywhere . . . It will be a hard-hearted reader who does not emerge with a profound respect forthe imagination and scope of contemporary Scottish writing’ Rosemary Goring, Scotland on Sunday

‘It always helps to know where the editorial line of an anthology is coming from. This one, I can guarantee you, comes straight from the horse’s mouth’ Jenny Turner, Independent on Sunday

‘English north of the border is displayed in an exhilarating diversity of timbre and voice, with little sign of a cultural cringe towards standardization’ Tom Deveson, Sunday Times