Lucky Stars 10: The Swimming Gala Wish

Phoebe Bright

Illustrated by Karen Donnelly

Ages 5 to 9
11 April 2013
128 pages


On Cassie's seventh birthday she made a new friend - Stella Starkeeper. Stella lives in the sky and uses the magic of the twinkling stars to make wishes come true! After passing six tasks Cassie becomes a Lucky Star - someone who can can grant wishes, helped by her magical charm bracelet. But disaster strikes when Cassie's bracelet goes missing and Stella's powers begin to fade . . . Cassie must search for other Lucky Stars who can help her find the bracelet. But before a Lucky Star is able to share their magic, Cassie must first make a wish come true for them.

In book ten, THE SWIMMING GALA WISH, Cassie and her two new Lucky Star friends, Hannah and Yasmin, are determined to find Cassie's magical charm bracelet. If they don't then the special power of the stars will be lost forever and no one's wishes will come true. Will they find the bracelet in time?