Out on 05 December 2024

Fallen Gods

Rachel Van Dyken

05 December 2024
512 pages


Liv Olson has been drawn to Norse Mythology her entire life. After earning her degree and working as a curator at one of New York’s most prestigious museums, she gets an unexpected offer for her dream job in Norway - the same place her brother disappeared months ago - after a cryptic message about finding their long-lost father.

She finds herself surrounded by superstitious townspeople who refuse to even look at the water. Liv soon realizes that the small town of Vonn is nothing like it seems. Shops close before dark, and things she’s only read about seem to suddenly exist. To top it off , her new boss, Tristan, is insultingly mean and engagingly beautiful — and, as part of the job, she must live with him in his mansion.

As her life quickly unravels into chaos, she’s left wondering who’s pulling the strings in this mysterious place where nothing makes sense, yet everything feels familiar.

Her studies have always told her the gods are who you trust. But what happens when the man who’s destined to kill you - is your savior?

For fans of sexy romantasy and Neon Gods by Katee Robert, Rachel Van Dyken's Fallen Gods duology is a steamy, dramatic myth retelling.

Exciting, current and a must-read
Rachel Van Dyken will tear your heart out, slice it in half with a machete, and hand it back. Then, you'll thank her
Rachel Van Dyken is on my auto-buy list