Dick v Dom - The Joke Battle

Richard McCourt

Dominic Wood

Ages 9 to 11
17 May 2018
208 pages


What did the tuna family say when a submarine went by? 'Oh, look, a tin full of people!'

What do you do if you're too hot at a football match? Sit next to a fan.

Waiter Waiter! Will my pizza be long? Waiter: No, sir, it will be round.

What happens if you get a gigabyte? It megahertz.

The time has come to find the funniest joke ever! And Dick and Dom, esteemed TV geniuses and authors of the bestselling Dick and Dom's Big Fat and Very Silly Joke Book, are the right people for the job.

In Dick v Dom - The Joke Battle they battle their way through 360 hilarious and silly jokes to find the very best joke ever through a series of hilarious themed rounds. Want to hear the best cheese joke ever? How about the best knock, knock joke? Dick thinks he knows it, but then again so does Dom, so it's up to you to decide. Let battle commence – and may the best joker win!