Atkins for Life

Robert C Atkins

03 July 2014
480 pages


The slimming craze that's sweeping the planet' The Sun

Whether you've lost weight doing Atkins and want to make your success permanent or you're new to Atkins and are concerned about your health and weight control, Atkins for Life is for you.

Filled with advice and tips on navigating the everyday challenges that come with eating low carb in a high carb world, this book provides a simple and straightforward maintenance program that anyone can follow.

* 200 menu plans-over 6 months of menus-with controlled carbohydrate counts anyone can succeed on the plan.

* 125 recipes, including tasty breakfasts, fabulous lunches and delicious dinners.

* Holiday meals and fantastic ethnic dishes the low-carb way.

* Time-tested tips from those who've been there and won their battle with weight.

* Self-tests and quizzes to help you meet and stay with your goals.