E-FORCE: State of Emergency

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Publication date: 06.08.2010
ISBN: 9780330534062
Number of pages: 0


E-FORCE: Six gifted, super-fit, highly trained individuals

MISSION: Specialist rescue in times of global emergency

The Emergency Force team - including Marine Mark Harrison, Shuttle pilot Michaela Buchanan and Cyber genius Tom Erickson - employs some of the most advanced equipment on the planet: from Mach-10 jets to incredible cybersuits.

And they'll need all that gadgetry for their first mission - to save the life of US senator Kyle Foreman.

Foreman was giving a speech in LA when two bombs ripped through the Conference Centre. Miraculously Foreman survives - except that he's trapped inside, as fires rage and floors collapse.

But as E-Force plan their perilous route into the building, so too does the Dragon, the assassin who will let nothing stop his deadly mission.