Book cover for Seek



16 November 2023
256 pages
Imprint: Bluebird


Most people recognize the value of curiosity, but few know how to embrace and unleash it. SEEK will help you close the gap between awareness and action. Scott Shigeoka’s thirst for understanding and connection is contagious, and his book is a timely bridge for our divided world.

Within the large subject of happiness, curiosity is such an energizing, creative, and exciting topic to
explore. Scott Keoni Shigeoka is the perfect person to tackle this subject.

Scott Shigeoka's exploration into the nature of curiosity and how opening our hearts and minds to the unknown can transform our experience is sure to capture the interest of many readers.
We've been hiding from each other for far too long. Scott's book offers us an empathic, practical and heartfelt road map forward.