Out on 09 November 2023


Scott Shigeoka

09 November 2023
304 pages


'Energizing, creative and exciting' Gretchen Rubin, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Happiness Project

Open your mind, heal your relationships, and connect across divides with this groundbreaking guide to deep curiosity from internationally-recognized curiosity expert, Scott Shigeoka.

At a time when tensions over race, religion, age, gender identity, rights, economic status, and more have fractured our lives and relationships, curiosity is the key to fostering connection, growth, and healing.

Seek shows us how to unlock deep curiosity, strengthen this fundamental human skill and build the courage be transformed by the people, places, and experiences we encounter.

Using Shigeoka's transformative four-step framework, you will enhance your capacity to:
Detach: Let go of your ABCs (Assumptions, Biases, Certainty)
Intend: Prepare your mindset and environment
Value: See the dignity of every person – including yourself!
Embrace: Welcome the hard times in life as a catalyst for connection and transformation

A must-read for our times, this book will help you to shift your perspective, understand differences and lead a more curious life.

Scott Shigeoka is one of the world’s leading voices on bridging differences. In our lonely, polarized world, Seek couldn’t come at a better time.
We are all hungering for more curiosity, and there is no more illuminating guide to our quest for what inspires than Scott Shigeoka. In this mind opening treatment of what we know about curiosity, Shigeoka blends stories, science, and the wisdom of lived experience to move us to seek what is mysterious in life, and grow in that adventure.
Grounded in science and stories, Scott Shigeoka's exploration of curiosity is full of energy and wisdom. I have no doubt his methodology will offer a path of healing for many.