The Blind Light

Stuart Evers

24 June 2021
544 pages


Shortlisted for the RSL Encore Award 2021
Extraordinary Spectator
Powerful Guardian
Spellbinding The Tablet

As the 1950s draw to a close, and the Cold War escalates, the shape of Drummond Moore's life is changed beyond measure when he strikes up an unlikely friendship with James Carter, a rich and well-connected fellow national serviceman. Carter leads him to Doom Town – an army base that seeks to recreate the effects of a nuclear war – where he meets Gwen, a barmaid with whom he shares an instant connection.

Set over sixty years of British history, The Blind Light by Stuart Evers is the compelling story of one family as they deal with the personal and political fallout of their times.

A thoughtful and powerful study of the corrosive effects of fear, the damage we do to ourselves and our loved ones when danger is all we can see . . . disconcertingly timely
A panoramic novel of modern Britain . . . extraordinary
The Blind Light reads like a British Don DeLillo, telling the social history of Britain through two generations of a family