Book cover for The Sister



11 July 2024
304 pages
Imprint: Pan


A detailed, insightful study . . . Lee is excellent on the regime’s reliance on suppressing, distorting and manipulating information . . . His vivid account of surreal, intractable negotiations with the Kim siblings underlines The Sister’s central insight: Kim Yo-jong is very much part of the family
Explosive . . . a ground-breaking and revealing new book
Riveting, unique, policy-relevant narrative of the first order . . . Lee sees through the North Korean regime's antics, maskirovka, and propaganda – much of it the work of Kim Yo Jong – as does no other. A work of penetrating analysis, caustic wit, and elegant prose
A riveting profile of the rise of the current leader’s sister, Kim Yo Jong, and the resilience of the Kim regime