The Miller's Daughter

Margaret Dickinson

06 July 2007
196 pages


The Miller's Daughter is a heartfelt Lincolnshire saga, from much-loved author, Margaret Dickinson.

Emma Forrest has waited three long years to welcome home the man she loves from the horror of the trenches but now her father's bitter feud with Jamie Metcalfe's family threatens everything she has dreamed of.

Knowing that her father, Harry Forrest, will go to his grave wishing she were a boy, and now devastated by Jamie's coldness, Emma clings resolutely to the memory of her beloved grandfather, Charlie, and his hopes for the mill he built with his own hands. Somehow, in spite of all Harry's scheming and the disastrous marriage she finds herself in as a result, Emma will make sure that the mill has a future – with a Forrest at the helm.

Queen of Saga