Out on 20 June 2024

Dating and Other Theories

Susannah Nix

20 June 2024
384 pages


Dating theory 1: Do opposites attract?

Everything about the guy in the apartment next door drives Esther to distraction: his hipster beanie, his movie and food opinions, and the fact that he won’t stop talking to her. As far as she’s concerned, they’ve got nothing in common.

Until she realizes he’s exactly the guy she needs . . . to distract her best friend from a bad-news ex. Lucky for Esther, Jonathan needs help with a movie script, and she’s exactly the rocket scientist to do it. So they strike a deal. He’ll ask out her friend, and she’ll work with him with his writing. Perfect, right?

Dating theory 2: Enforced proximity can lead to trouble . . .

Only, the more time Esther spends with him, the more loathing turns into attraction – and attraction into something even deeper. Before she knows it, he’s broken down her carefully constructed defences and thrown her well-ordered life into chaos.

Dating theory 3: Love is more complicated than rocket science . . .

A #forcedproximity, #oppositesattract STEM rom-com, and book two in the Chemistry Lessons series, originally published as Intermediate Thermodynamics. Each book in the series features a brand-new couple with their own HEA (Happily Ever After) and can be read in any order.

I loved Esther and Jonathan’s journey from awkwardness to comfortable friendship to love
Entertaining, often hilarious, relatable, intelligent, realistic romance at its absolute best
Do you like humour? Characters you can become invested in? A love story with as much brains as it has heart? Then please do yourself a favour and pick up this series