Out on 01 March 2024

The Infatuation Calculation

Susannah Nix

01 March 2024
320 pages


Mia has had her whole life mapped out since she was 18. She’s supposed to follow up her math PhD with a research position and become a professor, but her 20-year plan takes a surprise deviation when she’s forced to settle for a temporary teaching job at a small-town university in the middle of nowhere.
It’s not easy adapting to rural life when you’re a city girl, but Mia tries to make the best of it. Things finally start to look up after a run-in with some terrifying local wildlife sends her careening into the arms of a sexy local farmer.

Mia finds herself unexpectedly drawn to Josh’s gruff charms, especially after she learns what lies behind the thick walls he’s built around his heart.

But while their connection grows, Mia can’t afford to stay. Not unless she’s willing to give up on her dream - or trade it in for a new one.

A Stem Rom Com, book six in the Chemistry Lessons Series, originally published as Elementary Romantic Calculus. Each book in the series features a brand new couple with their own HEA and can be read in any order.