Saxon: The Emperor's Elephant (extract)

Tim Severin

18 July 2013
50 pages


An extract from the start of Tim Severin’s second thrilling historical adventure set in Saxon times.

If you’re a fan of Ben Kane and Harry Sidebottom, you’ll love the beginning of The Emperor's Elephant, from the author of the Viking and Pirate series.

Sigwulf, a Saxon prince exiled to the court of Carolus, King of the Franks, is summoned by the royal advisor Alcuin of York. Carolus has received magnif

icent gifts from the Caliph of Baghdad and is determined to send back presents that will be equally sensational. White is the royal colour of Baghdad so the most important gifts will be rare white animals from the Northlands.

Sigwulf, having proved himself as a royal agent to Moorish Spain, has been selected to obtain the creatures, then take them to Baghdad. He must find white gyrfalcons and two white polar bears and – as Carolus has seen its picture in a book of beasts – a unicorn.

He and his companions travel far into the north. Though they obtain some of the animals, they quickly realize that not all are even real. Setting out for Baghdad with their menagerie, they encounter danger after danger and it seems that someone is trying to wreck their mission, with each stage of the long journey bringing a new and unexpected peril . . .

The Emperor's Elephant is also available in full so you can enjoy the complete adventure.