Book cover for Plants to the Rescue!

Plants to the Rescue!

Ages 8 to 10



06 July 2023
80 pages
Imprint: Neon Squid


CHILDREN'S BOOK OF THE WEEK – "This is a wonderful read with fabulous colourful illustrations. It’s a very educational book, which although aimed at children under 10, will appeal to various ages – especially if you are interested in plants, wildlife and the environment."
"A brilliant botany book for the scientists of the future wanting to fight climate change."
"This beautifully illustrated book is completely fascinating and full of facts about plants... it also aims to inspire and reassure children that there are many exciting new developments in plant science that could provide real and lasting solutions for the problems we face today"
"This brilliant book will inspire children to learn more about the fantastic things that plants can do, how scientists are helping plants adapt and how to work with nature, and is highly recommended for teachers, homeschoolers, children and adults. With tips on what we can all do now and into the future to help, this excellent non-fiction guide gives us plenty to be optimistic about."