Book cover for The Good Lieutenant

The Good Lieutenant



19 October 2017
288 pages
Imprint: Picador


Unforgettable . . . a structure that works brilliantly, making for a memorable study of Fowler, whose pure intentions we see slowly corroded by combat . . . Terrell gets to the heart of how war changes people.
[The Good Lieutenant] steadily infuses its characters with depth and humanity and lays out the dubious intelligence and errors that led them to catastrophe . . . Powerful and sometimes heartbreaking.
If only people read more novels like this one, told backward from a young woman’s experience in Iraq back to her innocence in the American Midwest, we might think twice about sending soldiers to war.
A bitter, sly, heartbreaking story of well-meant but ill-fated intentions, and of a battlefield incident that wreaks havoc on the lives that converge, or end, there.