Cupid's Revenge

Wibke Brueggemann

Age 12 +
08 June 2023
384 pages


For the record, it was never my intention to fall in love. But you know Cupid: he'll get you when you least expect it . . .

Tilly isn't looking for a girlfriend, but her best friend Teddy is.

Enter Katherine Cooper-Bunting: beautiful, charming, and perfect for Teddy. So why does Tilly find herself using any excuse to join the theatre production they're starring in?

And why can't she stop thinking about Katherine?

Cupid's Revenge by Wibke Brueggemann is a hilariously honest novel full of heart, from the acclaimed author of Love is for Losers.

This debut has a terrific voice: very funny and spirited with a sex-positive message
A well-crafted, touching and frequently very funny coming of age tale
A razor sharp look at the world of a teen girl, with heart, wit and a voice that'll stay with me.