Welcome to Twit Twoo School. Class has begun!

Mouse's Big Day is Lydia Monks' first book in her Twit Twoo school series. Download these activity sheets to help your child get ready for their first day of school or nursery.

Help Mouse and her friends find their way to Twit Twoo School

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Colour in the Twit Twoo School treehouse

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Get ready for your first day of school and draw a picture of your school, teacher and school bag

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Make new friends at school by playing this game together

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Mouse's school friends have lost the first letters of their names. Can you help them?

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Mouse's Big Day

It's Mouse's first day, and she's feeling a little nervous - in fact, she doesn't want to go to school at all! But with a little help from her new friends, she finds that perhaps school isn't so bad after all... Mouse's Big Day is a warm and funny story about friendship that is perfect for any child who is starting school or nursery.

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