Starting school can be a challenge for both parents and children, with worries about missing mum and dad, fitting in and making friends. This selection of books for children aged 3-5 deal with first day nerves, making friends and feeling different, and are sure to put kids’ – and parents’ – minds at rest.


Chu's First Day at School

This charming book follows Chu, a little panda with a big sneeze, as he gets ready for his first day at school. Chu has all the usual first day worries - will the other girls and boys be nice? Will they like Chu? This warm and funny story is perfect for little ones who are nervous about those first days at school.


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I Am Too Absolutely Small For School

This classic Charlie and Lola story deals with those first day fears with warmth and humour. Charlie’s little sister is nearly big enough to go to school, but Lola isn’t so sure. She already has enough important things to do around the house. Luckily big brother Charlie is there to reassure her that school isn’t so scary after all.


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