Listen to a clip from Scarred for Life by Kerry Wilkinson

Listen to a clip from the audiobook edition of Scarred for Life by Kerry Wilkinson, read by Becky Hindley. Scarred for Life is the ninth mystery featuring Kerry Wilkinson's popular detective, Jessica Daniel.

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Scarred for Life by Kerry Wilkinson

DI Jessica Daniel is not having a good week. Her wallet's been nicked, the refurbished incident room is already falling apart, and a new football-mad constable is driving her crazy.

She also has bigger things on her mind. A student's body has been dumped in a wheelie bin at the back of a university building, with a vague link to an Olympic medallist and a theory that it could have been an induction which went wrong.

There's the tattooed shop raider who has her team stumped; someone attacking lone women; a chief inspector who seems to have a problem with her; and someone putting letters through her front door insisting that she's caught 'the wrong man'.

Worlds are colliding for Jessica - and, if she's not careful, someone close to her might not make it out in one piece.