Jasmine Hemsley's East by West and True You to be published by Bluebird

East by West by Jasmine Hemsley and True You written by by Jasmine Hemsley and Susie Pearl to be published by Bluebird in 2017 and 2018.

Jasmine Hemsley is best known as the creator of the philosophy behind wellness brand Hemsley+Hemsley and co-author of the bestselling cookbook series, with more than one and half million followers on social media (across PinterestInstagramTwitter and Facebook) and a Channel Four TV series.

Inspired by her travels through India and thorough exploration of the principles (the ‘Science of Life'), Jasmine has translated these ideas into an accessible lifestyle for modern urban life. East by West is an exploration of a new way of eating; high quality, cooked foods with a focus on fortifying lunch and light supper, and, winningly, a sweet at the start of a meal to satisfy.

True You, to publish autumn 2018, written with health and renowned life coach Susie Pearl is born out of a long-term friendship and desire to write a book that will nourish both the mind and the body. Their different approaches combine to create an integrated, holistic solution for getting through the pressures of modern-day living.

Jasmine says,

'Having experienced the profound effect of changing how and what I eat, and seeing the positive results achieved for friends, family and the audience of Hemsley + Hemsley, I am eager to find out what more can be done to positively influence people’s everyday relationships with food. I want to explore the ancient philosophies of Ayurveda in a modern way to encourage people to eat with a deeper understanding of nutrition, digestion and the joy of nourishing food.

Carole says,

'Jasmine’s such a breath of fresh air—she takes ancient and tried and tested principles and seems to effortlessly adapt them to our modern hectic lifestyle with beautiful recipes based on the best British ingredients. I can’t think of a more compelling, convincing or likeable ambassador for the healthy life. It would be a dream to publish her work and Susie Pearl is someone I’ve long admired too.'

East by West by Jasmine Hemsley will be published Summer 2017 and True You by Jasmine Hemsley and Susie Pearl  to be published by Bluebird in 2017 and 2018.