Believe it or not, when booklovers aren’t holed up in our bedrooms with a cup of tea and a tome, we do actually like to leave the house. Of course, we don’t put down our books for any old social gathering. To tempt a booklover, only the finest literary experiences will do. Luckily, London is absolutely bustling with book-themed restaurants, pop-ups, and exhibitions for bookworms to enjoy.


1. The Literary Hour Supper Club

The Literary Hour is a themed supper club that was started by three university roommates. Every few months, they host a magnificent dinner party, where everything from the food to the decor immerses you in the world of their chosen book. Past themes have ranged from The Chronicles of Narnia to Hannibal - and in the latest episode of Book Break, Emma headed out to their Treasure Island themed evening.


2. London Literary Pub Crawl

Every Saturday, the Maverick Theatre Company brings Londoners the chance to follow in the footsteps of some of their favourite authors with a tour around London’s most iconic drinking establishments. The evening begins with a pub quiz, and ends with a singalong in Soho.


3. StoryTourist

Equipped with nothing but an iPhone and headphones, you can step straight into a Sherlock Holmesian mystery. StoryTourist is an app that guides you around London, enticing you with the mystery of “The Blue Carbuncle”. Your journey begins outside 221b Baker Street, and brings you right to the Sherlock Holmes Pub just in time for the story to conclude.



4. Dalloway Terrace

Right in the heart of Bloomsbury, booklovers will be thrilled to find the Virginia Woolf-inspired cafe Dalloway Terrace. The cafe serves up themed afternoon teas, which guests can enjoy while sitting in their beautiful  flower-adorned dining terrace.



5. Coffee, Comedy and Cocktails at the Travelling Through Bookshop

From the outside, the Travelling Through bookshop is a sweet but unassuming travel bookstore by Waterloo. However, inside you’ll find one of the most charming bookshops in the city, complete with a cafe dishing out delicious (and many vegan-friendly) treats, a bar that serves cocktails after 6pm, and even comedy nights where you can laugh your head off surrounded by your favourite books.