Here, Peter introduces the first book in The Salvation Sequence.


In this video Peter talks to us about how he creates convincing aliens, how he researched ideas for Salvation, and his favourite invention from the book. 



We also asked Peter how he managed to keep track of all the linked narratives in Salvation, how he likes to unwind after writing, how much of his plots he plans before starting to write, and who his favourite character in Salvation is. 



Here Peter tells us what his biggest distraction from writing is, his favourite timeline in Salvation, and the most appealing aspects of the world he has created. 



Here, Peter introduces the second book in The Salvation Sequence, Salvation Lost.


We asked Peter how he approached his research for Salvation Lost.


Peter tells us about his vision for the world of The Salvation Sequence.

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Read Peter F. Hamilton on his writing process, his favourite characters and his strangest fan encounter. 


The Salvation audiobook is available on Audible now, listen to a clip here: