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Discover the latest must-read sci-fi books from the genre's most-loved authors, including Peter F. Hamilton, Blake Crouch and Ted Chiang. With mind-bending universes that span time and dimensions, and characters that immerse you into the drama of their worlds, you sure to find your next science fiction read here.

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  1. Book cover for Against Gravity

    Against Gravity

    Gary Gibson

  2. Book cover for Capacity


    Tony Ballantyne

  3. Book cover for Iron Council

    Iron Council

    China Miéville

  4. Book cover for Perdido Street Station

    Perdido Street Station

    China Miéville

  5. Book cover for Off Armageddon Reef

    Off Armageddon Reef

    David Weber

  6. Book cover for The Scar

    The Scar

    China Miéville

  7. Book cover for Kraken


    China Miéville

  8. Book cover for Childhood's End

    Childhood's End

    Arthur C. Clarke

  9. Book cover for The Clan Corporate

    The Clan Corporate

    Charles Stross

  10. Book cover for The Hidden Family

    The Hidden Family

    Charles Stross

  11. Book cover for Portent


    James Herbert

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