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  1. Book cover for The Gospel According to Judas

    The Gospel According to Judas

    Jeffrey Archer

    Frank Moloney

  2. Book cover for Winter in Madrid

    Winter in Madrid

    C. J. Sansom

  3. Book cover for Born Free Trilogy

    Born Free Trilogy

    Joy Adamson

  4. Book cover for Sovereign


    C. J. Sansom

  5. Book cover for Brilliance of the Moon

    Brilliance of the Moon

    Lian Hearn

  6. Book cover for Grass For His Pillow

    Grass For His Pillow

    Lian Hearn

  7. Book cover for Cat O' Nine Tales

    Cat O' Nine Tales

    Jeffrey Archer

  8. Book cover for False Impression

    False Impression

    Jeffrey Archer

  9. Book cover for Honour Among Thieves

    Honour Among Thieves

    Jeffrey Archer

  10. Book cover for The Isles

    The Isles

    Norman Davies

  11. Book cover for Shall We Tell the President?

    Shall We Tell the President?

    Jeffrey Archer

  12. Book cover for Sons of Fortune

    Sons of Fortune

    Jeffrey Archer

  13. Book cover for Code to Zero

    Code to Zero

    Ken Follett

  14. Book cover for Eye of the Needle

    Eye of the Needle

    Ken Follett

  15. Book cover for Hornet Flight

    Hornet Flight

    Ken Follett

  16. Book cover for Jackdaws


    Ken Follett

  17. Book cover for The Key to Rebecca

    The Key to Rebecca

    Ken Follett

  18. Book cover for Lie Down With Lions

    Lie Down With Lions

    Ken Follett

  19. Book cover for The Third Twin

    The Third Twin

    Ken Follett

  20. Book cover for Triple


    Ken Follett

  21. Book cover for Whiteout


    Ken Follett

  22. Book cover for Empire of Dragons

    Empire of Dragons

    Valerio Massimo Manfredi

  23. Book cover for The Talisman of Troy

    The Talisman of Troy

    Valerio Massimo Manfredi

  24. Book cover for My Trade

    My Trade

    Andrew Marr

  25. Book cover for News from No Man's Land

    News from No Man's Land

    John Simpson

  26. Book cover for The Wars Against Saddam

    The Wars Against Saddam

    John Simpson

  27. Book cover for Bridget Jones's Diary

    Bridget Jones's Diary

    Helen Fielding

  28. Book cover for Cause Celeb

    Cause Celeb

    Helen Fielding

  29. Book cover for Olivia Joules and the Overactive Imagination

    Olivia Joules and the Overactive Imagination

    Helen Fielding

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