Classic and contemporary poems for all occasions and ages, from John Keats to John Cooper Clarke. Our range includes some of the most vital voices in contemporary poetry, such as Carol Ann Duffy, Kae Tempest and Clive James.

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  1. Book cover for The Drowned Book

    The Drowned Book

    Sean O'Brien

  2. Book cover for The Divine Comedy

    The Divine Comedy

    Clive James

    Dante Alighieri

  3. Book cover for Some Desperate Glory

    Some Desperate Glory

    Max Egremont

  4. Book cover for The Beautiful Librarians

    The Beautiful Librarians

    Sean O'Brien

  5. Book cover for The Unknown University

    The Unknown University

    Roberto Bolaño

  6. Book cover for Disinformation


    Frances Leviston

  7. Book cover for Sack


    John Kinsella

  8. Book cover for Dorothy Wordsworth's Christmas Birthday

    Dorothy Wordsworth's Christmas Birthday

    Carol Ann Duffy

    Tom Duxbury

  9. Book cover for Hold Your Own

    Hold Your Own

    Kae Tempest

  10. Book cover for The Mirabelles

    The Mirabelles

    Annie Freud

  11. Book cover for The Christmas Truce

    The Christmas Truce

    Carol Ann Duffy

    David Roberts

  12. Book cover for Collected Poems

    Collected Poems

    Michael Donaghy

  13. Book cover for The Whole & Rain-domed Universe

    The Whole & Rain-domed Universe

    Colette Bryce

  14. Book cover for Sailing the Forest

    Sailing the Forest

    Robin Robertson

  15. Book cover for Ritual Lighting

    Ritual Lighting

    Carol Ann Duffy

    Stephen Raw

  16. Book cover for There Will Be No More Nonsense

    There Will Be No More Nonsense

    Lorraine Mariner

  17. Book cover for The Ballad of HMS Belfast

    The Ballad of HMS Belfast

    Ciaran Carson

  18. Book cover for Selected Poems

    Selected Poems

    Paul Farley

  19. Book cover for Byssus


    Jen Hadfield

  20. Book cover for Bethlehem


    Carol Ann Duffy

    Alice Stevenson

  21. Book cover for Pilgrim's Flower

    Pilgrim's Flower

    Rachael Boast

  22. Book cover for The Book of My Enemy

    The Book of My Enemy

    Clive James

  23. Book cover for Brand New Ancients

    Brand New Ancients

    Kae Tempest

  24. Book cover for The Heel of Bernadette

    The Heel of Bernadette

    Colette Bryce

  25. Book cover for The Lammas Hireling

    The Lammas Hireling

    Ian Duhig

  26. Book cover for Better Than God

    Better Than God

    Peter Porter

  27. Book cover for Pluto


    Glyn Maxwell

  28. Book cover for Tres


    Roberto Bolaño

  29. Book cover for Hill of Doors

    Hill of Doors

    Robin Robertson

  30. Book cover for Collected Poems

    Collected Poems

    Sean O'Brien

  31. Book cover for The Havocs

    The Havocs

    Jacob Polley

  32. Book cover for Wenceslas


    Carol Ann Duffy

    Stuart Kolakovic

  33. Book cover for The Overhaul

    The Overhaul

    Kathleen Jamie

  34. Book cover for The Seacunny

    The Seacunny

    Gerard Woodward

  35. Book cover for Antwerp


    Roberto Bolaño

  36. Book cover for Banjo


    Samantha Wynne-Rhydderch

  37. Book cover for The Dark Film

    The Dark Film

    Paul Farley

  38. Book cover for Nefertiti in the Flak Tower

    Nefertiti in the Flak Tower

    Clive James

  39. Book cover for Misadventure


    Richard Meier

  40. Book cover for The Picador Book of Wedding Poems

    The Picador Book of Wedding Poems

    Peter Forbes

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