The Witchlands Series


The spectacular New York Times bestselling fantasy series begins here. When two young witches clash with a powerful Guildmaster and his ruthless bodyguard, they're caught up in a world of fraught politics and a country on the knife-edge of war.


This follows the magical Truthwitch, which is ‘like a cake stuffed full of your favourite fantasy treats’ according to Robin Hobb. In Windwitch, Safi and Iseult battle to retain their freedom – as war threatens the Witchlands.


War is sweeping the witchlands and tainted magic is destroying friends and enemies alike. And the Bloodwitch Aeduan is keeping one crucial secret . . .


The spectacular New York Times bestselling fantasy continues. Legendary figures from an ancient era reawaken, in a land now ravaged by war. And the Threadwitch Iseult must decide where her destiny really lies . . .