The Worry Tiger

Alexandra Page

Illustrated by Stef Murphy

Ages 3 to 6
21 July 2022
32 pages


A gorgeous picture book that weaves mindfulness actions into a magical story, helping young children to feel calm and relaxed.

From the creators of The Fire Fox, Alexandra Page and Stef Murphy, shortlisted for Oscar's Book Prize 2022.

It's show-and-tell tomorrow and Rory is anxious – he doesn't have anything special to share with the class. But everything changes when Rory meets his very own worry tiger.

"Try this," said the tiger. "See how quiet you can be. Tiptoe like a tiger and tell me what you see."

Breathe deep to smell the jungle scents.
Stretch to join the monkeys high up in the trees.
Listen carefully to the creatures all around.

This enchanting story is full of mindfulness actions that anyone can use to feel calm and beat anxiety.

The Worry Tiger is a colourfully illustrated book with a gentle rhyme that's a joy to read aloud and will help children relax and share their thoughts and worries.

Includes a set of fun and easy mindfulness activities at the back of the book to encourage calm, happiness and creativity for young children.

The prospect of show-and-tell makes Rory anxious about school – but when his Worry Tiger materialises, encouraging him to smell the night air and stretch up high to climb a tree, his fears become more manageable. A gentle, reassuring picture book, with subtly incorporated mindfulness exercises.