Stef Murphy

Stef Murphy is a freelance Illustrator and storyteller living in Norwich. Growing up in a large family, Stef was never short of entertainment. Armed with a foil-wrapped (usually squashed) jam sandwich Stef and her twin brother Tom would journey through bunkbed jungles, tunnel through secret airing cupboard caves and out into the garden where they would find all sorts of magical creepy crawlies. Stef’s evenings were spent sewing into the night; making sleep sacks for elves and even on one occasion, a fully reclining armchair for an ancient fairy. Now she can be found at her desk, immersed in the Harry Potter audio books, creating new worlds of her own. Stef has never grown out of her love for adventure and plans to spend the rest of her life exploring the wonders that the world has to offer; sometimes with a pencil, sometimes with her feet.

Books by Stef Murphy