Out on 19 September 2019

Shakespeare for Every Day of the Year

Allie Esiri

Ages 9-12
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19 September 2019
20 minutes

Shakespeare For Every Day of the Year is a magnificent collection of 366 poems from Shakespeare's oeuvre compiled by Allie Esiri: one to share on every day of the year. Reflecting the changing seasons and linking to events on key dates – funny for April Fool's Day, festive for Christmas – these poems are thoughtful, inspiring, humbling, informative, quiet, loud, small, epic, peaceful, energetic, upbeat, motivating, and empowering!

Perfect for reading aloud and sharing with all the family, it is bursting at the seams with familiar favourites and exciting new discoveries.

This soul-enhancing book is the perfect gift that will last the whole year, with a little bit of magic to read every day.