The James Joyce Murder

Amanda Cross

22 March 2018
166 pages


Amanda Cross musters up an ingenious solution to an impossible scenario in this penetrating literary mystery, The James Joyce Murder.

On the famous Joycean day of June 16th, Kate Fansler attends the annual Bloomsday celebration, kicking off the start to an idyllic and literary summer. But in the company of an exuberant young nephew and two graduate students, there is not much time for peace and quiet.

The idyll is further shattered when an unpleasant next-door neighbour is found murdered. Although the murder appears to have no connection to the day’s celebrations, no one can shake the suspicion that James Joyce is somehow linked, not even unliterary police inspector Stratton.

Kate is determined to find the solution to this extraordinary murder, even if she finds the culprit in her own home . . .

Follow amateur sleuth Kate Fansler in this gripping murder mystery series, continuing with Poetic Justice and The Theban Mysteries.

With Amanda Cross, you have an uncommon pleasure in store
No one has a sharper eye than Amanda Cross.