Nobody Tells You

Becca Maberly

15 April 2021
272 pages


'A truly wonderful resource for new parents and prospective parents alike.' – Adam Kay, author of This is Going to Hurt.

'Refreshingly honest . . . an insightful read for all parents to be!' – Midwife Marley

'A brilliant collection of parenthood truths and reassurances.' – Stacie Swift

A no-holds-barred collection of more than 100 real-life accounts of pregnancy, birth, and life with a baby, brought together with simple advice from pregnancy and postnatal expert Becca Maberly and consultant obstetrician Roger Marwood.

This broad range of honest pregnancy, birth and parenting stories, from the likes of Clemmie Telford, Molly Gunn, Megan Rose Lane, Anna Mathur and many more, is accompanied by professional and reassuring advice from experts that will help you navigate your own experience with positivity and confidence.

Nobody Tells You will give you all the tools you need to be informed and prepared for one of life's great journeys. Without any scaremongering or sugar coating, truths are shared about topics including:
* Trying to conceive
* C-Sections
* Postnatal recovery
* Not loving breastfeeding
* Self-care
* And many, many more!

Inspired by her own experience and frustration at the lack of honest information, Becca Maberly, pregnancy and postnatal expert and the founder of A Mother Place, and Roger Marwood, an obstetrician and gynaecologist, compiled this collection about the highs and lows of the unique and often nerve-wracking experience of pregnancy, childbirth and beyond.

Together, with the help of a range of contributors, they share their reliable, evidence-based advice with positivity and a good dose of humour. Whether you're just thinking about having a baby, you are already pregnant, or you have become a parent recently, this book is an invaluable guide.

A truly wonderful resource for new parents and prospective parents alike.
Refreshingly honest... an insightful read for all parents to be!
A brilliant collection of parenthood truths and reassurances. Honest, relatable and straight-talking, it's a book of all the things mums need to know - and plenty of things you won't realise you really needed to hear.