Out on 15 June 2023

Luna and the Sky Dragon

Bethan Woollvin

Ages 3-5
15 June 2023
32 pages


An inspiring story perfect for little stargazers.

Luna loves the sky and finding out about all the wonders she can see above her. But the villagers can't stop worrying about the mythical Sky Dragon – a fearsome creature who is said to dwell in the sky.

Can Luna share her love of the sky and show the villagers that the Sky Dragon is nothing to be afraid of?

Featuring real constellations as well as facts about the milky way, eclipses, comets and other astronomical delights.

Luna and the Sky Dragon is a warm and playful story with lots to learn and talk about from Bethan Woollvin, the New York Times-bestselling creator of Little Red, I Can Catch a Monster and Three Little Vikings, and illustrator of Meet the Planets written by Caryl Hart.