The Night Before Christmas in Wonderland

Carys Bexington

Illustrated by Kate Hindley
Ages 3-5
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03 October 2019
40 pages

Twas the night before Christmas, with a wonderful twist! Lewis Carroll's classic Wonderland returns but this time instead of Alice, it's Santa's turn for an adventure down the rabbit hole. Join the Cheshire-Cat, the Mad Hatter, and the reindeer for a tea party with lots of festive fun!

The Queen of Hearts hates Christmas – she's banned tinsel, mince pies and even good cheer –because when she was a little Princess the White Rabbit was late delivering her letter to Father Christmas and she didn't receive a present. But one snowy Christmas Eve, Santa finally receives her letter and races to deliver her gift! Will Santa and his reindeer be able to put the Merry back into Christmas in Wonderland?

From the original publisher of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, written by debut author Carys Bexington and illustrated by star artist Kate Hindley, The Night Before Christmas in Wonderland is a fun mash-up of two classics, showing the true meaning of Christmas is to be kind.

The most magnificent mash-up of two well-loved stories. This hilarious adventure through the night sky to wonderland is a pure delight to read.

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