Five Bears

Catherine Rayner

Illustrated by Catherine Rayner

Ages 3 to 7
27 July 2023
32 pages


A gorgeously illustrated book about friendship and looking past differences from the CILIP Kate Greenaway Medal winner Catherine Rayner.

Bear is walking through the forest, minding his own business when he comes across another bear. The Other bear is different. The two bears wander along, thinking different thoughts, and looking in different directions. Soon the two bears come across another bear and then another bear and eventually find a bear stuck in a tree. The bears realize that perhaps they aren't that different after all and perhaps they could be friends?

Five Bears is a tale of friendship and acceptance perfect for little ones.

The magic of Rayner’s fresh, richly expressive and painterly illustrations, and the poignancy of the growing mutual understanding and empathy of the five bears, springs to glorious life in her talented hands, making this a gift book that all the family can share and treasure.
A beautiful tale about friendship … Catherine Rayner’s artwork is so distinctive, nobody portrays animals the way she does. There are stunning spreads in this book.
This book is a celebration of friendship - the happiness and contentment it brings, and that we al need help from a friend sometimes when we get stuck … Catherine Rayner’s illustrations are luminous, as ever.