Book cover for When Grumpy Met Sunshine

When Grumpy Met Sunshine



15 February 2024
336 pages
Imprint: Pan


The queen of delicious pining returns! This book is a hilarious and modern Cinderella story that feels like eating warm chocolate cake
I don’t think anyone has ever delivered on a slow burn quite like this
Delivers all of the heart, humour and steam with her usual deft writing style. And romance-reading Ted Lasso fans are sure to be delighted with her take on the surliest soccer star to ever set foot on the field

Though they seem like opposites, underneath Mabel and Alfie are anguished, self-doubting weirdos. What they need — and what they’re terrified of — is liberation from the cages they’ve built for themselves.

Alfie’s Roy Kent-inspired voice is a triumph — and very, very funny — but sex is where Stein really shines. This, children, is how the professionals do it. Not a rote list of parts and positions, but a physical flow between two people. It’s the difference between seeing choreography laid out in footprints on the floor, and being swept away by the dance.