The best rom com books to read right now

Our recommended reads for love, laughter, and happy-ever-after from Pan Macmillan resident TikToker and die-hard romance reader Carol-Anne Royer.

Warning: swooning, screaming, crying and giggling are all possible responses to the books on this page.

Reading can be about many things: education, escape, thrill, curiosity. . . Reading romance, however, is all about making you feel everything. And there’s real comfort in the idea that regardless of who you are, what you look like and who you’re attracted to, love will prevail. If a book’s funny too, well, what more could you want?

The following recommendations fulfil both criteria: a selection of perfect rom coms to leave you warm and cosy inside with their meet-cutes, first kisses and swoon-worthy declarations. If you're here for the heartwarming feelings, the laughs along the way and, of course, the happily-ever-after, our edit of the best rom com books is here for you.

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Lovelight Farms

by B.K. Borison

When Stella enters a competition in order to save her struggling Christmas tree farm, she makes up a tiny, tiny lie to up her chances. Nothing too bad: she just implies that she opened up the farm with her long-term boyfriend that she does not actually have. She does, however, have a best friend called Luka. If you're looking for a romance that'll warm your heart and make you kick your legs up and giggle throughout, this wintry tale of friends-to-lovers is for you.

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When Grumpy Met Sunshine

by Charlotte Stein

One thing about romcoms is how much we love a grumpy character who sheds their grumpiness in favour of their love interest. In When Grumpy Met Sunshine, the grump happens to be a well-loved, extremely grumpy football star who falls in love with his colourful, sunny, plus-size ghostwriter as they attempt to work on his autobiography. Unfortunately for them, they have to fake date to squish the rumours. A sunshine book packed with rom-com tropes that might even have you tune in to the next football game . . . maybe.

The Blonde Identity

by Ally Carter

Who doesn’t want to wake up in Paris with the most beautiful man you’ve ever seen? Except you have a splitting headache, you’re in the middle of the street, you have no idea who he is and you have no idea who you are. Uh oh. One thing she’s sure of? She’s a spy (she’s not) and she needs to do spy things like pretend she’s married to a gorgeous man to save the World. This action-packed, hilarious closed-door rom-com is the hotly anticipated adult debut from YA author, Ally Carter.

Begin Again

by Emma Lord

If you ever wished for a Taylor Swift song to come to life, this is the book for you. Inspired by Begin Again (Taylor’s Version, obviously), Emma Lord has perfectly captured the feelings of the song in book form. Andie Rose plans to transfer to Blue Ridge State college and rejoin her high school boyfriend and her friends but once she arrives and meets Milo, her plans derail. Slowly realizing that she may have been viewing her high school romance through rose-tinted glasses, Andie starts to think she might deserve rather better. This coming-of-age novel beautifully balances the terrifying moments of growing up with the feelings of freedom and enlightenment that come with new love. Perfect reading for a Wednesday, in a cafe . . .

Love is for Losers

by Wibke Brueggemann

We’ve already established that giggling and swooning are an important part of reading romances and this book absolutely delivers on both counts. No matter how old you are right now, imagine yourself as a teenager and yes: love is for losers. Bleugh. When Phoebe’s best friend Polly gets into a relationship, becomes OBSESSED (*eye roll*) and completely forgets about her (rude) then really, what’s the point? But then Phoebe meets Emma and realises maybe Polly was on to something. Whether it’s the queer-awakening, the family, the lows, the highs or everything else in-between the lines of what Phoebe tells us in her diary, Love is for Losers makes us all feel like winners. 

Red, White and Royal Blue

by Casey McQuiston

Where on earth can I find a book about the son of the United States of America’s first Mexican woman President faking a friendship with a British Prince as part of a damage control operation after their very public fall-out, I hear you cry. Well. This book is perfect for those who would like to meet a public-enemies-to-secret-lovers romance novel where the stakes are highly political and every touch could be an international incident. Casey McQuiston will have you kicking and screaming but also swooning and asking for more.

Honey and Spice

by Bolu Babalola

Book cover for Honey and Spice

Kiki has no interest in love (ha!). She does, however, want her relationship radio show to succeed and, of course, the way to do this is to enter a fake-dating contract with none other than Malakai, campus’s hot new heartbreaker. In Honey and Spice, Bolu Babalola brings you friendship, coming-of-age, female empowerment, family and love all with a dash of humour and a ton of sass.

She Drives Me Crazy

by Kelly Quindlen

Are you the vengeful type? A little petty? You might get along perfectly with Scottie. After a series of unfortunate accidents she decides to team up with her high school nemesis to get back at her ex. Between the forced proximity, the gayness, and the fake-dating, Scottie and Irene’s antics will have you laughing one minute and holding your breath the next, wanting to gossip with your best friend next to your locker.

Two Wrongs Make a Right

by Chloe Liese

Book cover for Two Wrongs Make a Right

In a beautiful and hilarious retelling of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing, Bea and Jamie come together to prove to their friends that they’re not perfect for each other by pretending to be perfect for each other. You see where this is going, right? Chloe Liese brilliantly writes up these characters as an Own Voices author, and Two Wrongs Make a Right is another amazing addition to all her books with disability and mental health representation.

Tweet Cute

by Emma Lord

If somehow Begin Again did not convince you that Emma Lord is a rom com genius, you’ll want to have a look at Tweet Cute. It is the cheesiest romance on this list – and I mean that very literally: Pepper and Jack, via their respective family’s restaurant Twitter accounts, fight over a grilled cheese sandwich recipe that Pepper’s family *might* have stolen from Jack’s grandmother. The catch is that while the two fight on Twitter, the pair might be catching feelings in real life at school. This enemies-to-friends-to-lovers romance will have you rooting for Pepper and Jack and craving a grilled cheese sandwich. 

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