Coleen Nolan

18 February 2011
432 pages


The Girl Talk presenters are out of work and out for revenge on the man who publicly humiliated them and destroyed their careers. So when James Almond, the ruthless controller of Channel 6, is murdered, suspicion falls on all five women. Was it icy Julia Hill, recovering from the car crash that almost killed her and blaming James for her crippling injuries? Naughty diva Lesley Gold, who is famed for holding a grudge? Sweet Karen King, who has finally learned to stand up for herself? Ambitious Cheryl, or weak Faye?

As the girls battle to get back on television, sort out their tangled love lives and avoid arrest, the body count starts to rise. Who is the killer, and will they be able to stop her - or him - in time? Full of glamour, scandal and intrigue, Denial is a funny and fabulous read.