A Wild Child's Book of Birds

Dara McAnulty

Illustrated by Barry Falls

Ages 5 to 8
15 September 2022
64 pages


Join brilliant young naturalist Dara McAnulty – winner of the 2020 Wainwright Prize for his book Diary of a Young Naturalist and author of Wild Child! – on a journey through a year in the life of birds. A Wild Child's Book of Birds is a fantastic nature book, illustrated in full colour by Barry Falls.

This beautiful, informative book takes you through a year in the life of the birds you will find in Britain and Ireland and is divided into four sensational seasonal sections. Find out what birds do in each season, learn about birdsong, beaks, nests and eggs, the science of flight, migration, what to grow to attract different birds to your garden and what foods to put out on your bird table. Learn about different ways of recording what you see and about birds in literature. There are sections on birds of prey and corvids too.

The perfect gift book to inspire young nature lovers and to let children experience for themselves the joy of connecting with birds and the natural world, and to do their bit to help save our planet
lively and beautiful
A lively and beautifully illustrated guide to a year in the life of British and Irish birds, written for children by an acclaimed young naturalist.