Book cover for Wild Child

Wild Child

Dara McAnulty

Illustrated by Barry Falls

Ages 7 to 11



09 March 2023
64 pages
Imprint: Macmillan Children's Books


From the prize-winning young naturalist, this is a dreamy dive into the natural world to thrill wildlife fans of six-plus.
Dara speaks very directly to child readers, taking them on a personal journey, introducing them to facts and phenomena that fascinate him and encouraging exploration. His love of lore and language as well as his respect for nature shine through in the poetic text which is carefully integrated with the illustrations.
Naturalist Dara McAnulty helps children explore local habitats, identifying animals and plants. It’s a treasure trove of facts and projects such as making a bird feeder or terrarium.
In this fact-packed guide, beautifully illustrated by Barry Falls, his distinctive and poetic voice leads us from the garden through to rivers, woods and uplands to discover birds, insects and plants. Each section has things to make and the message comes over loud and clear: take care of nature and connect with your inner wild child. Perfect for all the family.”