Predatory Thinking

Dave Trott

06 November 2014
272 pages


'A brilliant advertising copywriter and a great team leader. His ideas are equally applicable to writing a novel, making a film, launching a product, managing a football team, instituting life changes and any activity you can imagine. Genius' - Sunday Times

Life is a zero-sum game.

Drawing on Eastern and Western philosophy, and colourful characters from Picasso and Socrates to Warren Beatty, this book represents a lifetime of wisdom learned at the creative cutting edge.

Predatory Thinking is a masterclass in how to outwit the competition, in ordinary life as well as in business. It is the philosophy that has underpinned Dave Trott's distinguished career as a copywriter, creative director, and founder of some of London's most high-profile advertising agencies.

Offers much to think about . . . engaging
Challenges the way we think creatively by flipping the logical, 2D way of thinking on its head
Cool, clear, very readable