Silent War

David Fiddimore

18 July 2013
480 pages


Suez, Egypt. It’s 1953 and the ‘Canal Zone’, a strip of land vital to Britain’s access to transport, fuel and trade, is being put under pressure by local military forces. Hundreds of thousands of British troops are sent to defend our interests in Egypt, and their casualty levels suppressed.

Reluctant ex-RAF radio operator Charlie Bassett finds his services are required for Queen and country again. Before he knows it he’s been drafted – and he’s not quite certain for what. Sent for weapons training and practice parachute jumps, the only thing that keeps him going are the bevy of beautiful women he encounters along the way . . .

After a hair raising journey via Malta and Cyprus – neither welcoming an extra British serviceman - Egypt, initially, seems far from being the land of pleasure and excitement that he’d hoped for. Then a face from the past comes back into his life – bringing nothing but trouble with her. Under fire, from both friend and foe, Charlie’s sense of adventure is awakened once more as he discovers that Egypt is a land of opportunity for the enterprising mind – and Charlie is nothing if not enterprising . . .