The Hidden War

David Fiddimore

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06 March 2009

It’s 1948. The war is over but there is still tension in Germany. The allied forces have been divided by politics and economics. Now there is a new enemy is lurking on the horizon…

Charlie thought he’d done his part for the war effort and could enjoy peacetime with a bit of grace. Having a job with a commercial airline means he can do what he does best, but without getting shot at. Or so he thinks. When the situation in Berlin between the allies and the Russian forces begins to escalate – every company with aircraft and able pilots is pulled back to the action.

Plane after plane is flown into Germany making essential drops of food and medicine to help the starving populace survive. Charlie has a girl in each airport and a scheme in every country. But when the people he loves are threatened by the effects of the blockade he must take a desperate chance to smuggle them out of the country…