Nobody Move

Denis Johnson

15 August 2013
208 pages


Jimmy Luntz owes money to a man called Juarez. Trouble is, Juarez isn't the most patient of men. And when he gets bored of waiting, he sends someone round to collect. Luntz doesn't actually plan to shoot the guy, but the way he sees it, it's shoot or be shot. Either way, though, Luntz is out of his league, and he knows it: nobody messes with Juarez -- or, at least, nobody messes with Juarez and lives to tell the tale. Against all the odds, however, it seems that somebody up there is looking out for Luntz, if only he can keep his cool.

A story of mistaken identity, blackmail and murder, of bent judges, wronged alcoholics and colostomy bags, Nobody Move is No Country for Old Men as written by Denis Johnson.

Praise for Denis Johnson's previous novel, Tree of Smoke, which won the US National Book Award 2007:

'A Catch-22 for our times' Alan Warner, Observer

'A heart-stopping reminder of what fiction can do' Sunday Telegraph