Let Go My Hand

Edward Docx

08 March 2018
432 pages


'A humane, humorous and ultimately extremely moving novel' Guardian
'A darkly comic, deeply moving and thoroughly modern father-son love story' Mail on Sunday
'Funny, moving, disturbing and beautifully written' Adam Kay
'Tremendously moving, fiercely intelligent and very, very funny' Paul Murray

Louis Lasker loves his family dearly – apart from when he doesn’t. There’s a lot of history. His father’s marriages, his mother’s death; one brother in exile, another in denial; everything said, everything unsaid. And now his father has taken a decision which threatens to blow the family apart.

We join the Laskers for what might be their final days together. One last chance to fix things. It’s a matter of life and death . . .

Funny, moving, disturbing and beautifully written – this is a genuinely important and timely book.
A thing of consummate beauty. You should all be reading it. So sort your lives out, people. That’s all.
An outstanding novel – tremendously moving, fiercely intelligent and very, very funny, even when it's breaking your heart