The Devil's Garden

Edward Docx

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02 February 2012
336 pages

There is only one way in and there is only one way out: the river.

One stifling afternoon, a mysterious supply boat docks at a research station deep in the jungle. To Dr Forle and his team of naturalists, its passengers are unwelcome. Ruthless, uninvited, and bringing corruption to the life of the forest, they force Forle, already a fugitive from his past, to confront his darkest impulses . . .

‘An unusually intelligent thriller that refuses to take sides’ Metro

‘As full of intellectual provocations as it is of suspenseful turns’ Giles Foden, Guardian

‘Reminiscent of J. M. Coetzee or Damon Galgut . . . This poisoned Eden throbs with intensity and delivers a gut punch that leaves you reeling’ Independent on Sunday

‘Docx is a master of disquiet’ Spectator

‘A confident and compelling novel, a riveting Conradian page-turner’ Dazed and Confused