Start Painting Now

Emily Powell

Sarah Moore

23 June 2022
256 pages


'A beautiful, joyful book from cover to cover. Start Painting Now is packed full of brilliant and empowering creative advice that will compel you to shout from the rooftops I AM AN ARTIST. ' – Lorna Scobie, creator of the 365 Days of Art series

Start Painting Now is an inspiring, practical, accessible guide to discovering your creative spirit, giving you brilliant new tools for relaxation and self-care. Renowned artist Emily Powell and her GP sister, doctor Sarah Moore, will guide you through the process of learning to ignore your inner critic and unwind from the stresses of daily life through painting.

Whether you're returning to art after a long break or starting as a complete beginner, this book will motivate and encourage you to just pick up a brush and see where it takes you. Backed by the latest research on the benefits of art for mental health and wellbeing, Start Painting Now will empower you to put aside the fear of failure, turn off your phone and throw yourself into the joy of creativity.

Complete with inspiring examples from a range of female artists and set alongside examples of Emily and Sarah’s own work, this book will give you all the tools you need to start painting now!

Inspiring and informative. A joy to read!
Emily Powell is known for her colourful, warm paintings that lift the spirits when the world feels grey.
Sarah and Emily have created such an accessible, friendly, inspiring, colourful and practical way to get us all painting. It’s a book for everyone, from the complete beginner to the practicing artist. I’ve taken so much from it and know that I’ll be referring back to it time and again!