Out on 07 November 2024

For She is Wrath

Emily Varga

07 November 2024
320 pages


Lovers-to-enemies as you've never seen it: Emily Varga's debut For She is Wrath is the epic tale of a girl escaped from prison and hell-bent on revenge, and the boy she loved who put her there.

Betrayed by her ex-lover and falsely imprisoned for a crime she didn’t commit, Dania counts down the days until she can exact her revenge—if only she didn’t have a life sentence to serve with no hope of release.

But when a fellow prisoner lands in the middle of her cell with a proposition and the keys to a dangerous Jinn treasure, Dania takes the chance to escape and pursue her path of vengeance. Armed with all the power she could want and a brand-new identity, Dania enacts a plan to bring down those who betrayed her and her family.

But the one person standing in her way is the very man who signed her life away in the first place, and retribution becomes a complicated game of cat and mouse. Because sometimes betrayal isn’t as simple as it seems and revenge certainly isn’t as easy - not when your heart is involved.