Need To Know

Fern Michaels

03 May 2018
304 pages


The twenty-eighth in the bestselling Sisterhood series, Fern Michaels’ Need to Know continues the story of seven unlikely women bound by their unbreakable friendships, their dark pasts and their desire for revenge.

Millions of dollars and precious reputations are on the line in the women’s next deadly retribution . . .

Garland Lee is one of America’s most famous singers but she’s not immune to hurt. Her once trusted lawyer has been siphoning money from her huge fortune into his own pocket for years and now he’s threatening to take her to court. This could cost her everything.

But the Sisterhood won’t let him win – they’ve come up a with a way to get revenge that he’ll never see coming . . .

New York Times bestselling author Fern Michaels tackles greed and dodgy deals in this fantastically true to life installment of the Sisterhood series, perfect for fans of James Patterson, Sue Grafton or the Netflix series Good Girls.

Political intrigue, high-level hijinks, and characters with charisma to spare . . . Michael’s long-running series dramatising the clout of true friendship will also appeal to readers who enjoy other gal-pal stories
Fun-loving . . . creative punishment . . . readers looking for an updated Charlie’s Angels in ‘wild women’ mode will be most satisfied
Michaels is a national bestselling author, and each one of her books touches upon situations that are, sadly, part of everyday life for many