Weekend Warriors

Fern Michaels

03 May 2018
297 pages


'Like Charlie's Angels, the education and expertise of these women is spectacular . . . The dialog and level of suspense is reminiscent of an action-packed television series' Library Journal

The first in the bestselling Sisterhood series, Fern Michaels’ Weekend Warriors introduces the story of Myra Rutledge - a woman devastated by her pregnant daughter’s death, a hit-and-run by a man who claims diplomatic immunity. Myra is lost in her grief until she switches on the news one evening and sees a woman taking matters into her own hands. An idea is born . . .

With the help of her daughter’s best friend, defense attorney Nicki Quinn, Myra draws together an unlikely band of vigilante women who all have something in common - all have been wronged by the US justice system, and all are looking for revenge.

Their first target is the Weekend Warriors, a trio of brutal bikers who are guilty of raping one of the sisterhood, Kathryn Lucas. Using power and strength they didn’t know they had the women carry out a plan of ultimate revenge . . .

New York Times bestselling author Fern Michaels gives her readers exactly what they want - powerful women persevering together when life gets them down, perfect for fans of James Patterson, Sue Grafton or the Netflix series Good Girls.

Political intrigue, high-level hijinks, and characters with charisma to spare . . . Michael’s long-running series dramatising the clout of true friendship will also appeal to readers who enjoy other gal-pal stories
Fun-loving . . . creative punishment . . . readers looking for an updated Charlie’s Angels in ‘wild women’ mode will be most satisfied
Michaels is a national bestselling author, and each one of her books touches upon situations that are, sadly, part of everyday life for many